Hy2Green Project:   http://www.hy2green.org/

Hy2 Green objectives:
Education and training in renewable energies and hydrogen sector is critical for the current and future workforce and thereby supports indirectly the commercialisation of the technology.
Hy2 Green project will encourage the practice and university education on renewable energy including hydrogen. Apart from conventional education and training methods, education and training on renewable technology and Hydrogen and its fundamental processes should turn towards digital based e-education and e-training methods, which become more and more used fruitful and successful in modern education methods. An envisaged challenge is the presentation of conventional technological content through modern information technology concepts, serviceable for higher education (undergraduate and graduate students) in case of educating engineers but also focusing on industry, especially SMEs, to educate and train permanent employees, or by self-study through new e-education methods and concepts.

The Hy2 Green project will facilitate joint learning between different educational models of the European Union countries represented in the consortia.
The Hy2 Green project is focused in practice and final applications of these technologies, besides the learning models will be supported by a strong theoretical basis.

Hy2Green Team